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Job Id: #2223

Albany, NY
July 27, 2014

Position: QA Tester
Location: Albany, NY
Duration: 24 Months

Mandatory Qualifications

Job Title Category: Tester
Develops and maintains user and technical documentation and project process documentation for Application Teams
Understand the user’s view of applications and /or technology and are able to put procedures in a logical sequence

Skill Level: Expert [7 Years’ Experience]
Candidate is able to provide leadership of large teams and/or extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) – The Division of Nutrition (DON) seeks to procure resources to enhance and expand the CACFP Information and Payment System (CIPS) application in order to improve system performance and provide new features for system security, fiscal audit, accounting, claiming, program reviews and application processes. CIPS is the primary tool used to support program participation from CACFP sponsoring organizations, to provide a streamlined fiscal process to negotiate sponsor claims, to manage program training and to provide oversight tools to ensure that nutritious and safely prepared meals and snacks are available to children and adults in day care settings. The system is essential to satisfy federal regulations and State Finance Law requirements for prompt and satisfactory payment of claims within specific time limits and to enable program staff to respond to the needs of 1,500+ CACFP sponsoring organizations. An important purpose of this project is to improve system security and to reduce system vulnerabilities.

Women, Infant and Children Food Supplemental Program (WIC) – These resources will also be used to maintain and enhance applications that were developed by a state staff that has recently left the Division. Several auxiliary applications have been developed or partially developed to assist with WIC operations. These utilities provide additional functionality that was not included in the core software application. The utilities need on-going support and enhancements, and in some cases the applications were partially completed and additional functionality is needed before the application is ready for use in a production environment.

Roles & Responsibilities
Candidate would function in a lead testing role, coordinating and participating in QA testing, preparing test plans, preparing test environments, and facilitating user acceptance testing through to sign-off.

Day-to-day tasks may include but are not limited to:
Coordinate and perform QA testing activities.
Participate in discussions with business analysts and agency staff regarding functional design specifications.
Develop standards and procedures for the testing phases, and ensure that processes are streamlined for efficiency
Prepare or review testing scope documents and/or test plans.
Review test cases.
Develop or validate automated test plans and/or test scripts.
Participate in the preparation of testing environments for QA and/or UAT testing.
Facilitate UAT testing.
Validate, track and follow up on defects from testing.
Create reporting mechanisms in HP Quality Center to monitor the status of testing activities.
Create/execute SQL queries as needed to investigate/validate test results.
Facilitate meetings to discuss defects as needed.
Prepare work estimates as requested.
Prepare testing documentation as requested.
Provide support for help desk tickets and production problems as requested.

Required / Desired Amount of Experience
7 Years of experience working directly with business analysts, program subject matter experts and technical staff, to create robust test plans for desktop and web applications.
7 Years of experience creating test schedules, and creating and executing test strategies based on software specifications.
7 Years of experience coordinating, tracking, and analyzing testing activities, including hands-on use of defect management tools to identify, document, track and communicate problems to technical staff.
3 Years of experience using HP Quality Center software for tracking of defects and requirements coverage, and creating reports to monitor testing status.
4 Years of experience in a Test / QA Lead role on software development projects, developing team procedures for the testing phases, coordinating and guiding team activities and providing sign-off of test phase completion.
3 Years of experience creating/executing database queries in SQL for validation of test results.
2 Years of experience using HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) for automated functional testing.
Bachelor’s Degree in an Information Technology related field, from an accredited institution
Requested Qualifications Must Always Total 80 Points For Maximum Score

Experience: 7 Years

Address: Albany

City: Albany

State: NY

Zip Code:

Country: USA

Phone No.: 703-825-484


Fax No.:

Cell No.:


Company Description:

Salary Offered: Hourly rate on W2


Currency: U.S Dollars (USD)

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Cloud has taken a significant role in 2014. Amazon Web Services has created new products and have reduced prices on DynamoDB and various other S3 sectors. They have also allowed Micro servers to be made available at no cost for any user who registers on The prices of VPC network traffic has also been reduced. Many availability zones are now in play for servers to have a good content distribution center. Akamai servers did their role now content distribution can be achieved with relative success very easily by signing on to CloudFront. The knowledge that is needed for many of the individuals who seek to learn about the Cloud should familiarize themselves with products such as Surgient, vCAC, DynamicOps,now acquired by VMware, Hadoop Cluster, AWS, Azure, Terramark and many more. There are other products like StrongAuth, TrendMicro, Venafi and others who are in the domain of securing the cloud environment. The RC3 Architecture is now published on IBM submitted by StrongAuth where the significance of security data is very significant using their Appliance. The nature of deployment are complex, sometimes one has to traverse the data centers to understand various deployments. There are Hybrid clouds, there are Public Cloud servers and Private Clouds as well. For many reasons, there are multiple deployments that require resources such as yourself to implement and understand the nature of deployments. You need to verify the VPC-VPN connections, Routing Tables, ACLs, Security Groups, .ppk keys and much more that are required for a seamless connection to each server. The IAM is now being used by AWS to consolidate the methods of connectivity to each server and there are significant roles that are created by IAM for NAT based instances to handle HA/DR capabilities. If you like to subscribe to more of these articles, sign up with to receive a newsletter, articles and always make sure you have posted your resume here.

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